1. choose a user name and password (make sure to write it down and keep it somewhere).
  2. go to the "post profile" page if this is your first time using the AEA Employment Resource center.
  3. if you have created an account already go to the "update job listing" page.
  4. enter the information requested in the maintenance page form, be sure to put your resume in the last box and take time to format it.
  1. then press "add" and your record is added to the database.
  2. for multiple resume profiles, after clicking "add" make your changes to the record showing on your maintenance page and press "add" again. the changes you make apply only to the new record created when you press "add". each time you do this a new recorded is added to the database.
  1. go to the " update profile" page located within the employers section of the AEA Employment Resource center.
  2. enter the username and password you created the first time you posted a job.
  3. the information contained in the last record you added will appear. any or all of it can be modified without changing the last record.
  1. if you would like to modify an existing record, press the "search/modify" button at the bottom of the member's maintenance page and then click on the record you want to modify.
  2. to add another record, make changes to the first page that comes up after logging on and press "add". this will add a new record (now you have 2 or more resumes in the database) and not change the existing one.
  3. to delete a record, log on, press the "search/modify" button, put a check in the check box next to the record you want to delete and then press delete.