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  • Medical Emergency Protection Health Benefit Plan
  • Financial Literacy and Benefits Education Community Outreach Programs
  • Employment Resource Center and Job Bank,
  • Emergency Employment Network for disaster displaced workers.

According to ABC News, there are approximately 59-60 million American workers without any paid sick leave benefits. Addiitonally, 70% of all unisured Americans are in working families.

Our concept of protecting American working familes is simple - "There's strength in numbers"! With numbers we can advocate for and provide better services to protect productive working families.

Our Medical Emergency Health Benefit Plans provide disability, emergency medical and death benefit payments to shield uninsured workers and independent business owners from total economic devastation during periods of medical or physical disability.

Our primary goal is to serve the needs of smaller employers and independent business operators who employ the highest percentage of uninsured workers. This program is not intended to solve all uninsured employees problem but rather to meet the basic benefits needs of uninsured workers and independent small employers to help protect their business and investment and promote the general health and wellness of the entire community-at-large.

AEA emergency medical payment assistance serves as a critical financial safety net that guarantees essential survival necessities for productive families following any extended period of unemployment due to sickness, physical injury, hospitalization and inability to work.

This program augments and supplements, and is mutually exclusive from any and all other plans or programs provided by Employers, State, Federal, and/or other public or private organizations other than the American Employees Association.

All employees 21 years old with W-2 income and a minimum of one (1) year work experience with any employer recognized by the AEA and the U.S. Department of Labor are qualified to join our organization and plans. Click here to view our Personal Service Employees flyer with FAQs for the Cosmetology, Beauty, Barber, Shoe Repair and Laundry industry employers and employees.

These services programs are part of our on-going effort to promote, encourage and educate working poor families regarding a personal financial safety net system to protect themselves when the breadwinner is disable and unable to work due to sickness and/or injury.

Should you have more questions or need additional information regarding our programs to protect independent small employers and American working families, please contact us at 702.222-4077 or 877.863-6756. E-mail us at:

Attention residents outside the States of California, Arizona and Nevada: All employees nation-wide are eligible and invited to join AEA for employment, group life and education benefits. AEA Personal Service Employees Health Plans described on this web site are not available outside the states of California, Arizona and Nevada. However, in the very near future, AEA intends to offer Health Plans in States other than this designated Western region. Please continue to check back for updates on programs available in your particular area. For a description of health plan benefit services, please click here.

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