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A Medical Emergency Protection Plan & Financial Safety Net!!
(with affordable benefits that won’t break the bank)

The American Employees Association (AEA) now offers the most affordable Medical Emergency Health Plan nation-wide with disability coverage for uninsured and underinsured small employers and their workers.

AEA has made it simple, easy, convenient, secure and affordable for small employers and independent businesses to provide important basic benefits and health coverage for their employees and businesses.

AEA reduces operating overhead and costs by allowing small businesses and employers to directly enroll themselves and their workers in our plans and programs at their convenience 24 hours a day.

Don't miss out on this unique guaranteed offer to protect your business and investment by insuring that you, your employees and families have the financial safety net necessary to live and work worry free.

Please take a look at some of the benefits available to you now!! Click below to view our slide show presentation of our program for Cosmetology, Beauty, Barber, Laundry and Personal Care workers.

This employees’ medical emergency plan is sponsored by AEA is not insurance or medical product but a non-profit self-funded Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association (VEBA) health and welfare benefit plan for employees of uninsured independent small employers.

Job classifications generally recognized under this program in general include those types of employers having an "employment related common bond" as required under federal laws which includes employees of establishments engaged in providing a wide variety of services for individuals, business and government establishments, and other organizations. Particularly, employees of establishments providing individual personal services such as Cosmetology, Beauty and Personal Care including but not limited to cosmetologists, beauticians, barbers, colorists, nail and manicurists, stylists, shampoo girls, shop cleaners, facilities maintenance, receptionists and booking staff as well as masseurs, personal attendants, etc. Click here to View Brochure

This is a defined or fixed benefit plan and all participants are guaranteed to receive the same amount of benefits that can not be reduced. Click here to View Plan Membership Benefits

Following any 45-day period of unemployment due to medical or physical disability and inability to work, plan participants are eligible to receive up to $25,000.00 in disability, emergency medical and death payment assistance as a basic or supplemental financial safety net system to shield workers and their employers from economic disaster.

All Personal Service employees 21+ years old with W-2 income with a minimum of one (1) year work experience with any U.S. Department of Labor or AEA recognized employer are qualified to join!

This product augments and supplements and is mutually exclusive from any and all other plans, private employer and/or State unemployment compensation programs other than the American Employees Association. Click here to View Slide Presentation

Attention residents outside the States of California, Arizona and Nevada: AEA PSE Health Plan programs described on this web site are not available, at this time, outside the states of California, Arizona and Nevada. In the near future, AEA expects to offer its Health Plan programs outside California, Arizona and Nevada. For a description of currently available programs and FAQs in California, Arizona and Nevada, Click here!!

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