Jan, 2011 - Presently, there is more than sufficient amount of revenue that flows out of the local community through tax payer dollars that, with a modest portion diverted into community development programs, that can help underwrite health and welfare plans for uninsured and underinsured workers and their families. For instance, if local taxpayers contributed 50% of their annual tax bill to our charity to underwrite programs for uninsured and underinsured workers, this support would be a major step toward solving the uninsured working family problem. These contributions could, in some cases, result in up to a dollar-for-dollar deduction or at least, reduce Supporters tax liabilities significantly depending upon each benefactor’s (individual or corporation) net income and write-off situation.

There is an ancient Celtic expression that says, “It’s in the shelter of each other that the People live!!” which describes our position exactly.

Why should we try this system? It's very simple because under our plan each community immediately benefits from 100% of their tax dollars versus (a per capita deficit or) the diminished rate that comes back to the community through the current revenue sharing system.

Through utilization of our plan, local employers and private supporters participate and get to see their tax dollars help the people in their community who truly need it.

Our project offers an effective option for individuals and organizations genuinely interested in building a better future in their local community.

In conclusion, the choice is simple. We can continue to pay taxes to fund an ineffective health care bureaucracy that does not meet the needs of our local community or find ways to support organizations such as IPHF and witness your tax dollars improve life in the community from which they came. Is there really any question as to the preferable alternative?

For more information or questions, please contact: Irvin D. Hunt, Executive Director, I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., 6655 West Sahara, Suite B-200, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146. 702.262.9701 or 877.711.7751.


August, 2010 - The I.P. HUNT FOUNDATION, INC. (IPHF), a non-profit community development and education organization, is proud to announce that it has founded and developed through its subsidiary the AMERICAN EMPLOYEES.ASSOCIATION (AEA) a direct and distinct method and means to provide affordable benefits for disadvantaged uninsured and underinsured independent small employers, their workers and families.

AEA is not insurance, medical care or benefits negotiation group but rather a non-profit community-based Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (VEBA) created expressly to provide health and welfare benefits plans and programs for uninsured and underinsured workers. Particularly, workers in underserved employment related industries such as Service, Agriculture, Construction, etc. who share a general employment relationship or common connection in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Employees Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974.

The purpose of AEA is to improve, enhance and promote better relations between employers and employees through association based employee health and welfare benefit and education and information plans and programs.

The AEA mission is solely to aid and assist small independent businesses and their workers through affordable group benefit plans and programs. AEA plans augment and supplement private employer and State compensation systems by providing basic or supplemental disability, emergency medical and death benefits. This coverage serves as a safety net to protect employers and employees who have little or no health insurance or medical coverage.

More importantly, through our organizations, these benefits can be subsidized by way of local taxpayer dollars, but unlike the national plans, the benefits would be conferred directly to members of the local community.

Fundamental coverage underwritten through corporate, personal, employer and employee contributions guarantees some type of safety net system for uninsured indigenous workers during periods of medical or physical disability.

This technique benefits unprotected workers, their families and employers as well as improves the economic stability of local poor working communities. Although not new, this is one solution that has to be considered and utilized against this urgent health and wellness crisis’ that troubles the community at large and deeply affects us all.

For more information or to learn more, please contact: Irvin D. Hunt, Executive Director, I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., 6655 West Sahara, Suite B-200, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146. 702.262.9701 or 877.711.7751.