April 2010
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Financial Education Workshops and Seminars
to Aid Women and Minority-Owned Independent Small Businesses

Las Vegas, Nevada IP Hunt Foundation will be conducting a series of "free" financial literarcy education workshops and seminars to educate, aid and assist Women and Minority-Owned independent small business owners.

You're invited to learn how to:

  • Build financial security in today's economy
  • Insure yourselves and protect your family
  • Increase your income and develop new business opportunities
  • continuing Monday, June 21th, 2010 - Time: 7-8pm.
  • Marbeya Executive Suites - 6655 West Sahara Avenue, Suite B-200, Las Vegas

COSMETOLOGISTS - BEAUTICIANS - BARBERS & LAUNDRY Personal Service Workers and all Independent Small Business owners in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas are invited to attend.

For more information and reservations, call 702.222-4077 or visit www.American Employees .com.

May 2009
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Financial Literacy and Benefits Education
NEW Program to Help WMO Small Businesses & Low-income Workers

Las Vegas, Nevada Local Women and Minority-Owned small business operators and low-to-moderate income workers struggling to make a living and maintain their businesses can now take heart in knowing that help is on its way.

I.P. Hunt Foundation (IPHF) recently launched a research project to study, define and resolve the critical economic needs of Women and Minority-Owned independent small businesses and low-income employees. This financial education project will be administered by the American Employee Association (AEA) on behalf of IPHF was established especially to assist Women and Minority-Owned small employers and working "poor" families.

This WMO education program is a community-based grassroots initiative that particularly targets the financial literacy and benefits education needs of underserved Personal Service workers.

This project is one of several IPHF programs through its AEA subsidiary specificially to enhance and strengthen the growth of the independent small business community which includes an affordable disability health plan for Cosmetologists, Beauticians, Barbers and Laundry Employers and Employees.

Director Hunt went on to explain that "Today Women and Minority-Owned independent small businesses and low-income workers have no where to turn for financial guidance and assistance and are often afraid or too embarrassed to approach banks and other institutions."

I.P. Hunt Foundation is a nonprofit charity whose purpose is to improve the community by serving the the community development and education needs of disadvantaged individuals. This project for underprivileged Women and Minority small employers and working poor individuals.

This new project will be based in California, Arizona and Nevada and explore original methods, programs and strategies to help women, minority and working poor individuals become economically self-sufficient and bridge the financial education and economic development gap.

I.P. Hunt Foundations on-line address is

August, 2006 - As part of our ongoing effort to enhance our services to the working community, AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (AEA) announces a new Job Bank and Employment Resource Center to better serve our employer and employee membership.

AEA now offers an on-line Employment Services Center and Job Bank benefit to assist employer-members recruit qualified workers and employee candidates find the latest in employment job opportunities.

Through our pioneering effort and development of exclusive Internet technology, employers large and small can join AEA, list their job openings and search for qualified workers. Independent small business operators with little or no health insurance can even enroll their employees in our very affordable financial safety net system anytime - 24 hours a day!!

For less than the cost of a weekend display ad or a week of media time, employers and employee job seekers can expand and diversify their recruitment and search reach nationwide into markets such as New York, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas at a tremendous cost-savings.

Our mission is to enhance the health and wellness of the community through programs that aid and assist employers and low-to-moderate workers. This program is intended solely to augment and supplement private employer and State compensation systems.

For questions or information, contact Irvin Hunt at 877.863-6756 or 877.UNEMPLOYED or you can e-mail us at:
6655 West Sahara Avenue, Suite B-200 >
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146
877.863-6756 or 877.UNEMPLOYED
>> >702.222-4077