Senior * Parents & Grandparents

Protect Your Family & Loved Ones!

Seniors & Grandparents - Learn How To Protect Your Family !

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Give Them The Gift of Financial Security

"Even if you're no longer here - you'll know they're covered!"(tm)

SENIORS have lived long enough to know - "it's not if something is going to happen - it's a matter of when!"

Now, AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (AEA) has made it possible for PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS with uninsured working family members to personally and directly protect their love-ones with essential Medical Emergency Protection and a financial safety net.

Medical Emergency Protection*
$1.00 Per Day**
$25,000.00 Cash Benefits Guaranteed
Disability, Emergency Medical, Sickness & Death Benefits
No Citizenship or Immigration requirements
Up to 20 Years Coverage

"Your On-line Affordable Benefits Center"
877-UNEMPLOYED * 877-863-6756

* This is a Federal and State Registered, Authorized, Bonded,Approved and Fully Insured Plan.

** This is a 30 day limited-time special introductory offer!! Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
Promotion Code#: 711