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with uninsured Children and Grandchildren
working in the Personal Service Industry


Enjoy Peace of Mind
Give Them The GIFT of
Then You'll KNOW They're Covered
Even When You're No Longer Here!!(tm)


$25,000.00 in Cash PAYMENTS Guaranteed!!

FINALLY! An Affordable Financial SAFETY NET!!

up to 20 Years Coverage Available

Do you have children or grandchildren who work in the Cosmetology, Beauty, Barber, Laundry, Cleaners or Shoe Repair Personal Service Industry? If so, then you know how hard it is for these mostly independent, self-employed workers to get the health insurance they need. See Announcement!!

Grandparents and parents have lived long enough to understand that it's not if something is going to happen - it's a matter of when.

Now, you can give your family the gift of financial security with our special Medical Emergency Protection Plan. This Medical Emergency health plan will allow you to enjoy peace knowing you provided your family the kind of loving care and protection you've always given ... even when you're no longer here!

AEA is a nonprofit federally recognized and approved employees' services and beneficiary association with particular authority to offer these unique health plans for uninsured Personal Service workers.

This special medical emergency plan gives parents and grandparents the exceptional option, comfort and satisfaction of helping provide an economic safety net for their beloved family members. Especially, when they hit a rough spot in life or until they can afford to do better.

Now, you can personally "Give The Gift of Medical Emergency Protection" and guarantee that your family member(s) will have $25,000.00* in emergency medical, sickness, hospitalization and burial coverage for up to 20 years.

"Give Them the Gift of Medical Emergency Protection - Then You'll Know For Sure They're Safe - Even When You're No Longer Here!!"(tm).

*It should be noted that this is a limited time special introductory offer only!! Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice!!

For more information regarding our family Medical Emergency Protection Plans, call us at 702.222-4077 or 877.863-6756. Also, you can e-mail us at: