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August 2012
For Immediate Release

Special Inflation Fighter
$1.00 Per Day Health Benefits!
Disability Benefits for Local Working Neighborhoods

Las Vegas, Nevada - In honor of American working family, AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (AEA) is proud to announce a inflation fighter introductory offer of $1.00 a day for Disability benefits special to help protect disadvantaged independent small business owners and uplift the local working communities.

This Employees' Medical Emergency Plan represents a truly significant and decisive effort by AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION to provide an economic safety-net for workers and asset protection for local independent business owners who ordinarily would have little or no coverage for themselves and their employees.

Our promotion project invites new members to join our AEA Personal Service Employees Health Plan for $1.00 per day or $365 per year to help stimulate the local economy and help protect employees during periods of unemployment due to medical or physical disability.

This AEA special introductory offer is intended to make is practically impossible for struggling independent businesses not to have access to some sort of financial safety-net.

The project will not no only help stimulate the local economy but provides critical benefits at an affordable price for many family-owned small business who usually can't afford commercial insurance coverage.

Neighborhood businesses that will be impacted and directly affected by this outreach effort includes Cosmetologists, Beauty, Barber, Laundry and Dry Cleaning operators just to name a few.

Visit our website at: www.americanemployees.com to opt-in and join AEA on-line. Save Money * Save Time!! You can also reach us us at (702) 262-9701 or (877) UNEMPLOYED or e-mail: aeabenefits@yahoo.com.

AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION, is located at 6655 West Sahara Avenue, Suite B-200, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146.

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June 2009
For Immediate Release

Promotes Economic Growth in Local Working Community

Las Vegas, Nevada - The AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (AEA) is joining together with several local small business assistance groups to provide an economic stimulus program for independent small businesses. The purpose of the program is to help guide small business person owners through the maze of paperwork needed to acquire loans and financial resources, access to funds, business counseling, education seminars and other critical benefits.

AEA Administrator Irvin Hunt points to the frustration and rejection felt by small business taxpayers over the billions of dollars the federal government has provided big business and financial institutions as the reason for such a program. Hunt said, "I am sure you're all familiar with the Government bailout plans for banks, Wall Street and automobile manufacturers. Although, the Feds have rushed to bailout Wall Street, no one's coming to bail out small business owners on Main Street!"

Hunt went on to explain that AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (AEA) is a nonprofit employees' association founded to encourage and promote financial growth, economic development and freedom by empowering small businesses. SCORE is a resource partner with the US Small Business Administration and provides counseling to small businesses and startups. Because of a shared interest in what they see as an often underserved sector of the business world, the two organizations collaborated on how to help small businesses weather the recent economic storm.

This special Independent Small Business Economic Stimulus program, being introduced by AEA and endorsed by other small business agencies, is intended to provide information, knowledge and technical support that may not be part of the business owners repertoire of skills. Says Hunt, "A small business owner may be a genius at developing their restaurant's special Bar-B-Que sauce or designing a landscape for a new home but they're often overwhelmed by the paperwork needed to apply for loans or how to prepare a financial projection. AEA is preparing to step in to assist with these types of 'brass tacks' services which are not currently available under existing SBA or other small business assistance programs".

  • Financial Resource Assistance
  • Loan Packaging and Consultation
  • Business Modeling and Mentoring
  • Business Development and Growth Counseling
  • Low-cost Disability, Emergency Medical and Death benefits
  • Member-to-Member Discounts
  • Convenient Internet Enrollment
  • "Free" Employment Service Center & Job Bank
  • "Free" Financial Education Seminars and "Live" Loan Workshops as well as soon to come
  • Internet Web Classes and Cyber-Seminars

The spokesperson continued to explain that by joining the AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (AEA), small business operators are able to unite and take control of their financial future by experiencing the power of trade unity and collective business arrangements.

To obtain access to these great critical benefits, small business owners are able to join AEA under a special limited-time 'free" introductory membership offer.

AEA has also introduced a very important but brief research survey to help better understand and assist independent small business operators with their business needs. They are requesting Independent Business owners to immediately visit their website at www.americanemployees.com to complete this survey and learn more about this program. As they say "just like voting your participation is essential so our voices can be heard!"

You can continue to visit us on-line at: www.americanemployees.com or e-mail AEA at: aeabenefits@yahoo.com. Also, write to us at: AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION, 6655 West Sahara Avenue, Suite B-200, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146 or call (702) 262-9701 or (877) UNEMPLOYED.

©2009 American Employees Association, All Rights Reserved.

January 2009 .
For Immediate Release
Wal-Mart Shows Continued
WMO Benefits Education Support

Las Vegas, Nevada – We would like to thank the Wal-Mart Foundation and especially Benny from the Las Vegas Charleston and Decatur store for their continued support for our financial literacy and benefits education efforts on behalf of Women and Minority-Owned businesses.

This program was established to promote independence and self-reliance among small businesses and low-income workers through education.

As we move forward into this new year with a sagging economy, this project is even more critical in that it reflects the true spirit of our socially conscious grassroots community service initiative intended to uplift our society through knowledge, information and education.

Support from corporate and private partners such as Wal-Mart will help meet the many operating expenses of this much needed program for independent small employers and their employees.

We all recognize that the health and wellness of productive working families directly impacts our local community and society at large. These contributions represent a significant step towards addressing critical survival issues for local independent small businesses.

This assistance and financial encouragement by Wal-Mart constitutes an affirmation of our community service vision and philosophy that - “In the Shelter of Each Other the Community Lives!!”.

For more information, continue to visit us on-line at: www.americanemployees.com or e-mail us at: aeabenefits@yahoo.com.

©2009 I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

August, 2008
For Immediate Release
Bank of the West
Continues Support for Financial Education
Grant Aids Women & Minority-Owned Small Businesses

Las Vegas, Nevada – Bank of the West continues its commitment to the cause of Women and Minority-Owned Busnesses financial literacy and benefits education by generously contributing an operating grant to our education project to assist independent small businesses and their workers.

This project is designed to promote, educate and inform small business owners in the community of health and benefits service available to themselves and their workers. American Employees Association (AEA), an I.P. Hunt subsidiary, administrates and operates its employees' beneficiary programs for Cosmetology, Beauty, Barber and Laundry personal service employees in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Director Irvin Hunt has declared that "We intend to continue to explore and discover innovative ways to help solve the economic circumstances of independent small business operators which enhances the well-being of the entire society. This "socially-conscious" program is one of the nation's only known affordable community-based Health and Welfare Programs designed specifically to serve uninsured Personal Service workers in the Western region."

For more information regarding our benefits education community service project, you can visit American Employees Association at www.americanemployees.com or e-mail aeabenefits@yahoo.com.
©2008 I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

November 2007
For Immediate Release
Wal-Mart Joins
Financial Education Effort
Support Boost Local Self-reliance Program
Las Vegas, Nevada – The local Wal-Mart and Sam's Clubs Community Involvement Coordinators have demonstrated true commitment to furthering the cause of financial literacy and benefits education in the community by generously supporting the I.P. Hunt Foundation (IPHF) and American Employees Association (AEA) education programs for small employers and their employees.

This IPHF education project was established especially to promote self-reliance and independence among small businesses and low-income workers through education seminars and workshops sponsored by corporate and private partnerships.

Wal-Mart's support will help meet operating expenses for this much needed program and beyond doubt reflects the spirit of the next generation of community programs designed to promote self-sufficiency through knowledge, information and education.

Director Irvin D. Hunt declares that "Wal-Mart's actions of support, direct assistance and financial encouragement coincides exactly with our slogan “In the Shelter of Each Other the Community Lives!!”.

The health of small businesses and the well-being of working "poor" families directly affects the entire society. As we move into another period of economic uncertainty, this contribution represents one more cornerstone and a short-step towards resolving financial dilemmas for local independent small businesses.

For more information on IPHF programs and projects, www.iphuntfoundation.org is the I.P. Hunt Foundation's on-line address and www.americanemployees.com is the on-line address for the American Employees Association.

©2007 I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

August 2007........ ..
For Immediate Release.........
Bank of the West.... ...
Awards Support for Financial Education
Grant Helps Small Businesses & Low-Income Working Families

Las Vegas, Nevada – Bank of the West has demonstrated their true commitment to furthering the cause of financial literacy and benefits education in the community by liberally donating to this IPHF education project to assist independent small businesses and low-income workers.

This financial education project is designed to access and evaluate the specific educational and informational needs of small business operators and their low-to-moderate income workers. This grant will help meet operating expenses and support development of this much needed program.

"We all agree that the health and wellness of small businesses and low-income workers has a direct affect on the well-being of the entire community-at-large, we just need to find innovative way to help resolve some of the critical economic needs of this very productive population" said project director Irvin Hunt.

70% of insured Americans are in working families. "This considerate donation by BoW will help maintain and move our organization forward, while we research, define and better understand the educational needs of small business operators and low-income working families" continues Hunt.

I.P. Hunt Foundation (IPHF) is nonprofit community development foundation that researches and develops education strategies to improve and build a better community for underprivileged and disadvantaged individuals.

IPHF was originally founded in Mississippi 30 years ago and now operates community development and improvement programs in the entire western region. American Employees Association (AEA) is a subsidiary of I.P. Hunt and administrates and operates its employee beneficiary programs and projects. AEA owns and operates one of the nation's only known community-based Health and Welfare Plans established in California, Arizona and Nevada specifically for Cosmetology, Beauty, Barber and Laundry personal service employees.

I.P. Hunt Foundation's on-line address is www.iphuntfoundation.org and American Employees Association's on-line address is www.americanemployees.com.

©2007 I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

May 2007
For Immediate Release... .
Financial Literacy and Benefits Education
NEW Program to Help Small Businesses & Low-income Workers

Las Vegas, Nevada – Local small business operators and low-to-moderate income workers struggling to make a living and maintain their business while supporting a family can now take heart in knowing that help is on its way. IPHF recently launched a research project to study, define and resolve the critical economic needs of smaller-employers and low-income workers.

This financial education project was established especially to assist independent small businesses and will be administered by the American Employee Association on behalf of IPHF, which is in the process of preparing, reviewing and evaluating grant applications with financial institutions.
IPHF publicist Ginny Pereira announced this week that this new project will be based in California, Arizona and Nevada and will provide press releases to representatives of the media and press in the region.

Publicist Pereira explained that "Independent small businesses and low-income workers often have no where to turn for guidance and assistance regarding their financial problems and are often afraid or embarrassed to approach banks and other institutions." This program is intended to serve as a bridge and vehicle to promote to build goodwill between banks and financial institutions and the local business community.

I.P. Hunt Foundation is a nonprofit community development organization that provides education programs for disadvantaged individuals. This project enhances its mission by conducting a direct needs assessment of underprivileged community-based small businesses and low-income individuals. It will explore original methods and strategies to deliver economic development and financial education programs to these underserved populations.

This project is one of several programs that IPHF operates through AEA to strengthen and enhance the economic development of the local community which includes a soon to be bought on-line affordable benefits program for Cosmetologists, Beauticians and Laundry workers.

I.P. Hunt Foundation’s on-line address is www.iphuntfoundation.org.

©2007 I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

August 2006
For Immediate Release

Las Vegas, Nevada - As part of our ongoing effort to enhance our services to the working community, AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (AEA) announces a new Job Bank and Employment Resource Center to better serve our employer and employee membership.

AEA now offers an on-line employment services center and Job Bank benefit to assist employer-members recruit qualified workers and employee candidates find the latest in employment job opportunities.

Through our pioneering effort and development of exclusive Internet technology, employers large and small can join AEA, list their job openings and search for qualified workers. Independent small business operators with little or no health insurance can even enroll their employees in our very affordable financial safety net system anytime - 24 hours a day!!

For less than the cost of a weekend display ad or a week of media time, employers and employee job seekers can expand and diversify their recruitment and search reach nationwide into markets such as New York, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas at a tremendous cost-savings.

Our mission is to enhance the health and wellness of the community through programs that aid and assist employers and low-to-moderate workers. This program is intended solely to augment and supplement private employer and State compensation systems.

©2006 I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

October 2004
For Immediate Release
- A Tax Relief Strategy -

The I.P. HUNT FOUNDATION, INC. (“IPHF”), a nonprofit community development and education organization, is proud to announce that it has founded and developed through its subsidiary the AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (“AEA”) a direct and distinct method and means to provide affordable benefits for uninsured and underinsured small employers, their workers and families.

AEA is not insurance, health care or benefits negotiation group but rather a nonprofit community-based Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (VEBA).  AEA was created specifically to operate in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Employees Retirement Income Security Act ("ERISA") of 1974 and provide affordable benefits for disadvantaged uninsured workers of independent small employers in underserved employment industries such as Service, Agriculture, Construction, etc.   

The purpose of AEA is to improve, enhance and promote better relations between employers and employees through association based employee health and welfare benefit as well as education and information plans and programs.

The AEA mission is solely to aid and assist underprivileged workers and small employers with less than 50 workers through affordable group health and welfare benefit plans and programs. AEA plans augment and supplement private employer and State compensation systems by providing basic or supplemental disability, emergency medical and death benefits. This coverage serves as an economic safety net to protect disadvantaged small Employers and their Employees who have little or no health insurance or medical coverage.

More importantly, through our organizations, this program can be subsidized by local taxpayer dollars, but unlike the politician proposed national plans, the benefits are conferred directly to members of the local working community. Fundamental coverage underwritten through small businesses, corporate, personal and/or employee contributions guarantee some type of financial safety net system for small businesses and workers during periods of medical or physical disability. This basic technique benefits unprotected workers, their families and small employers by improving the overall economic stability of low-income working communities. Although not new, this is one solution that has to be considered and developed against this urgent health and wellness crisis’ that concerns the community at large and deeply affects us all.

Presently, there is more than sufficient amount of revenue that flows out of the local community through tax payer dollars that, with a modest portion diverted into community improvement organizations such as IPHF, can help underwrite health and welfare plans and programs for low-income working families. For instance, if local taxpayers contributed 50% of their annual tax bill to assist programs for uninsured workers, this support would translate into be a major step toward solving the uninsured working community problem. These contributions could, in some cases, result in up to a dollar-for-dollar deduction or at least, reduce Supporters tax liabilities significantly depending upon each benefactor’s (individual or corporation) net income and write-off situation.

There is an ancient Celtic expression that says, “It’s in the shelter of each other that the People live!!” which describes our position exactly. Why should we try this system? It is very simple because under our plan each community immediately benefits from 100% of their tax dollars vs. (a per capita deficit or) the diminished rate that returns to the community through the current revenue sharing system. Under our plan, small employers and private supporters participate and get to see their tax dollars benefit the productive working families in their community who truly deserve assistance. These projects offer effective options for businesses, individuals and corporations genuinely interested in building a better future in their local community for themselves and their families.

In conclusion, the choice is simple. We can continue to pay taxes to fund an ineffective health care bureaucracy that does not meet the needs of our local community; or we can find ways to support organizations such as IPHF and witness your tax dollars improve conditions in the community from which they were generated. Is there really any question as to the preferable alternative?
©2004 I.P. Hunt Foundation, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

For more information contact:
Marketing Director
6655 West Sahara, Suite B-200*
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146
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