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By joining the American Employees Association and becoming a basic general member, Employees are allowed unlimited "free" access to our employment resource center and job bank.

In addition, AEA Members 21years old with one (1) year work experience are also eligible to apply directly for employment related health benefits and services that independent small employers often cannot afford.

Personal Service Employers are able to easily and conveniently provide their workers with basic affordable benefits as well as education and information programs to protect and serve the benefit needs of the independent small Employer and their workers.

If you are a Job Seeker or worker displaced by a natural disaster, as a special emergency relief assistance effort, AEA is offering Job-Seeker memberships and "free" Job Bank access!!

ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP ID & PIN: Each Association member receives their own personal membership ID and pin.

"FREE" JOB BANK LISTING: Members of AEA receive “free” access to our job bank and job listings in our employment data base for Employers seeking to hire capable and qualified workers. Workers who are seeking to change jobs, more money, employment training and educational opportunities or just want to find a better or a job closer to home!! This service allows members to join our job bank and have exclusive access to job listings!

"FREE" EDUCATION SEMINARS: Members are eligible to attend “free” workshops and seminars conducted specifically to inform, educate and improve relations between employers and employees. Workshops and seminars will feature Employers, HR Recruiters, industry specialists, professional lecturers, and educators discussing tips and techniques to improve employment conditions, education and income as well as living assistance subjects such as how to purchasing your first home; maintaining good workplace relationships, credit matters, worker survival in today’s economy; work place drug testing, etc.

In addition, as a working AEA member, Association Members are eligible to enroll in our employees health and welfare plan to receive complete benefit privileges.

ELIGIBILE for $25,000.00 – HEALTH BENEFITS PACKAGE: By joining AEA, full or part-time, working members with a minimum of one (1) year of work experience are eligible to join our affordable employee benefits plan(s) and receive up to $25,000.00 in Unemployment Disability coverage.

For more information, please contact us at (877) UNEMPLOYED (863-6756) or e-mail: AEABenefits@yahoo.com.
Annual Membership $120.00
Processing $025.00
TOTAL $145.00

Memberships are available under the following terms and conditions:
[1] One (1) Time - Single Payment = $145.00

Recurring Monthly Payments
[2] Twelve (12) $10.00-recurring payments + $25.00-processing=$145.00

First Payment = $35.00 - [$10.00-1st mo.+ $25.00-processing]

* This is a limited time special introductory offer only!! Pricing, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice!!

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