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Fellow Business Owners:s:s,

In today's uncertain economy, independent and self-employed small business owners must form alliances to be able to leverage their numbers into cost-effective programs and services that are needed to become and remain competitive in the today's market place.

Through AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION corporate affiliations, independent business owners, individual proprietors and workers can have access to essential programs such as credit card processing, low-cost health benefits and employment and recruiting services usually not affordable by most small business operators.

AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (AEA), a nonprofit Employees' Beneficiary Association, was established exclusively to aid and assist independent small employers and their workers through information, education, employment and health and wellness plans and programs.
Individual business owners can now join the AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION and enjoy peace of mind - knowing that when they're sick and can't work - they have at least basic Medical Emergency Protection Benefits and a financial safety net to protect them, their family and the businesses they've worked so hard to build!.

* "Free" Access to Credit Card Processing
* "Free" One (1) year - AEA Membership ($145.00 Savings)
* "Free" Employment Center & Job Bank ($200/year Savings)
* "Free" Access to Medical Emergency Health Benefits (70% Discount vs. AFLAC)
* "Free" E-mail, Blogs and Newsletters
* "Free" On-line Enrollment - 24 Hours a Day! (No Travel or Office Visits)
* "Free" Retail Merchant Discount Coupons ($2-300/year Savings)
* "Free" Motel & Travel Discounts (10-20% Discounts - Choice Hotels International & Inns)

Independent Business Owners (IBO)Assistance

All AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION members are eligible for "free" financial education and consulting support services through our Independent Business Owners Assistance program.

This program is intended to help individual small proprietors find solutions to their financial and business service needs such as credit card sales processing, financial information and guidance counseling.

This project is part of our ongoing effort to assist struggling independent small businesses who very often find the monthly costs and fees for credit card processing - a convenience that is a business necessity today - terribly expensive and cost prohibitive. Also, for various reasons, many small business owners find the loan process, financial management and record keeping overwhelming and bewildering.

Because of our Association and corporate affiliation, independent small business owners and working families can now have access to credit and debit card processing at very affordable rates.

Even if you currently have credit card processing services through your bank or another merchant service group, whether you process $1,000 a month or $10,000,000 a month, we guarantee you can't beat our affiliate merchant rates! As low as 1% for debit card transactions and complete satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! You absolutely can't lose!

  • No Yearly Contracts
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • No Monthly Minimum
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No PCI Annual Fee

Under our IBO merchant affiliation program, we promise your business will save hundreds up to thousands of dollars in processing fees savings. Click here to view price/rate quotes and compare our rates to what you are spending now.

All IBOA participants must however use the following promotion code - IBOA-#42627 - to receive our exclusive affiliate merchant discount rates and pricing benefits. Also, you may click here or the credit card images below to sign-up for CC processing services.

For questions or more information, contact I.P. Hunt, Director, 702-262-9701 * 877-863-6756 or email us at: iphf01@yahoo.com.

A Financial Safety-Net
When You're Sick and Can't Work!
Learn More Plan Details
Learn More Plan Details


$1.00 Per Day**
Simple, Easy, Convenient & Affordable

Up to $25,000.00 CASH

Fast & Easy Sign-up * Enroll On-line * Save $$ & Save Time

No Checks To Mail-In * No Medical Exam * No Immigration Requirement

Self Employed * Part-time & Temporary * Other Insurance - OK
* Federal and State Registered, Authorized and Approved as well as Bonded and Fully Insured.

** This is a 30 day limited-time special introductory offer!! Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
All Employees are Welcome

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